Best Android Courses

These are the top 13 Courses to learn Android that developers use. The one developers love the most is "Become Android Development in 7 days" on with 8 developer votes.

Android O and JavaAndroid O and
23Android App Development SpecializationAndroid App Development Specialization
23Android Development for BeginnersAndroid Development for Beginners
17Android Nougat App MasterclassAndroid Nougat App Masterclass
15Advanced Android App DevelopmentAdvanced Android App Development
13The Complete Android Oreo Developer CourseThe Complete Android Oreo Developer Course
13Android O and JavaAndroid O and Java
8Become Android Development in 7 daysBecome Android Development in 7 days
7Master Android 7 App Development With JavaMaster Android 7 App Development With Java
7Google's Guide to Android PerformanceGoogle's Guide to Android Performance
7Google's Guide to Developing Android AppsGoogle's Guide to Developing Android Apps
6The Complete Android Material Design CourseThe Complete Android Material Design Course
5Learn Android Development From Scratch
2Android App Development SpecializationAndroid App Development Specialization
1Best Mobile Development Courses Online | App Development Tutorials | Simpliv
1Firebase Realtime Database for Android Apps | Simpliv
1HTML5 Mobile App Development course for Beginners | Simpliv
1Firebase Firestore for Android | Simpliv
1Firebase Firestore for iOS | Simpliv
1Machine Learning for Apps | Simpliv
1iOS Push Notifications: Beginner to Advanced | Simpliv
1Comprehensive macOS Development | Simpliv
1Apple TV App & Game Development for tvOS | Simpliv
1Desarrollo de Aplicaciones móviles con Phonegap, MySQL y PHP | Simpliv
1Geolocalización con HTML5 y Google Maps en Apps móviles | Simpliv
1Develop iOS Weather App using Swift and REST API Xcode, learn how to write clean | Simpliv
1I want to connect my Xamarin Forms app to ASP.NET Core REST API | Simpliv
1Code Your Own Music Player App in Android Studio! | Simpliv
1How to Make a Camera App in Android Studio! | Simpliv
1Program Your Own Drawing Application in Android Studio! | Simpliv
1Learn Android Development for Beginners | Simpliv
1Android App Development for Beginners | Simpliv
1How To Create Android Apps Without Coding Advance Course