Best Angular.js Courses

These are the top 9 Courses to learn Angular.js that developers use. The one developers love the most is "Learn and Understand AngularJS" on with 20 developer votes.

68Shaping up with AngularJSShaping up with AngularJS
58The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to AdvancedThe Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced
43Angular Crash CourseAngular Crash Course
20Learn and Understand AngularJSLearn and Understand AngularJS
17Angular & Node.js - The MEAN Stack GuideAngular & Node.js - The MEAN Stack Guide
8Single Page Web Applications with AngularJSSingle Page Web Applications with AngularJS
7Angular 6 - The Complete GuideAngular 6 - The Complete Guide
1Testing Angular Apps - The Complete GuideTesting Angular Apps - The Complete Guide
1Learn AngularJS by Building 10 ProjectsLearn AngularJS by Building 10 Projects