Best JavaScript Courses

These are the top 17 Courses to learn JavaScript that developers use. The one developers love the most is "JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts" on with 8 developer votes.

18The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real ProjectsThe Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects
12Interactive JavaScript TutorialInteractive JavaScript Tutorial
9Learn Javascript: Go from Beginner to AdvancedLearn Javascript: Go from Beginner to Advanced
8JavaScript: Understanding the Weird PartsJavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
6Modern JavaScript From The BeginningModern JavaScript From The Beginning
5Mastering the DOM - Intermediate JavaScriptMastering the DOM - Intermediate JavaScript
5Javascript EssentialsJavascript Essentials
5JavaScript High PerformanceJavaScript High Performance
4JavaScript Quick StartJavaScript Quick Start
4All About Functions - Intermediate JavaScriptAll About Functions - Intermediate JavaScript
3Learn JavascriptLearn Javascript
2Learn Chrome DevToolsLearn Chrome DevTools
1Learn JavaScript Just in 1 HourLearn JavaScript Just in 1 Hour
1Become a Master of JavaScript from ScratchBecome a Master of JavaScript from Scratch
1Learn JavaScript Online The Fun WayLearn JavaScript Online The Fun Way
1Learn JavaScript for Web DevelopmentLearn JavaScript for Web Development
1Master AJAX DevelopmentMaster AJAX Development