Best Scala Websites

These are the top 6 Websites to learn Scala that developers use. They are based on expert recommendations and developer votes. The one developers love the most is "Scala Documentation" on with 30 developer votes and 2 expert recommendations.

Scala DocumentationScala Documentation30lang.org2 experts
Scala Center at EPFLScala Center at EPFL28epfl.ch1 experts
Scala IDE for EclipseScala IDE for Eclipse14ide.org1 experts
Scala Language SpecificaitonScala Language Specificaiton1lang.org1 experts
Reddit | ScalaReddit | Scala1reddit.com1 experts | | Scala1alvinalexander.com1 experts
30Scala DocumentationScala Documentation
lang.org2 experts
28Scala Center at EPFLScala Center at EPFL
epfl.ch1 experts
14Scala IDE for EclipseScala IDE for Eclipse
ide.org1 experts
1Scala Language SpecificaitonScala Language Specificaiton
lang.org1 experts
1Reddit | ScalaReddit | Scala
reddit.com1 experts | | Scala
alvinalexander.com1 experts